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Our designs

Sustainability is hugely important but there is no point in creating a sustainable product if no one likes it.  Our ethics will never compromise our designs. In fact we believe the extra attention to detail enhances them. 

Ethical fashion has long been synonymous with shapeless styles and sludge green. But we firmly believe that Pozruh can change that perception through our beautiful, tailored garments. We are passionate about keeping our costs to a minimum without compromising on quality. Everything at POZRUH is carefully handcrafted from sustainable fabrics, with a focus on both function and style. With simple shapes, sturdy construction and nature-inspired colour palette, our designs are made to be used time and time again - for every occasion, throughout every season. 

Our studio

We minimise our carbon footprint by producing everything locally in Delhi Ncr, in a bright studio with safe working conditions. With Many years of experience our makers are extremely skilled at handcrafting designs.

We also take steps to keep the waste in our studio to a minimum. You’ll notice our Revolve series is made of left-over fabrics collected from our own office as well as other design studios. This means we’re able to produce close to zero fabric off-cuts and floor cuttings from our collection

Our packaging

When you place an order with POZRUH, it arrives at your door made in sustainable materials and packed in natural or upcycled fabric bags. 

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